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Making lifestyle changes.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Its been a while since a wrote an article for you guys, truth is I haven’t had anything specific to report on lately. The last few weeks mostly consisted of siting in agenising anticipation for the upcoming season, but I digress I should probably give you a small update since it's been a while. I got a job at a pizza place in order to collect money for new safety gear and a proper phone so that I can be more active on social media, but otherwise I’ve been trying to prepare myself as best as I can, both physically and mentally for the journey ahead.

I decided to spend as much time as possible in England this year and work with Matt to get a good feel and knowledge of the mechanics of the car so that I can fix any problems that may occur on the stages or road sections. I think it will be relatively easy for me to spend a lot of time abroad. I am doing what I love, I have a lot of experience living in different countries, I know the language well and on top of that I can use a break from the Icelandic weather.

In a months time me and a friend of mine will travel to England were we are planning a test in the Fiesta. This test will pretty much mark the start of my competitive season because a week later, on the 17’th I will compete in the Cambrian rally, which is not a part of the British championship but will serve as a very necessary training session for it. At that point a lot more news will be filtering though.

It is still to be determined whether Ísak Guðjónsson or George Gwynn will be my primary co-driver for this season, they have both offered to drive with me throughout the whole year and I couldn't be more grateful. Personally I can’t decide between George and Ísak. From what I have heard it isn’t ideal for the driver, especially a developing one like me to swap co-drivers continuously. But I think we should put other factors that come into play, like resources and time before what is most confortable for me, because I feel like I’m pretty used to changing co-drivers by now…

The next course of action will be for me to get a competition licence, followed by more training of course, I’ve been following a stricter workout programme here at home, doing daily workouts on the treadmill along with some upper body exercises. However, I know that that the programme will be even more intense when I start training with Matt, with stricter workout sessions and diets along with much more testing in the car. It is going to be tough, but as long as I manage my expectations, listen to the advice I get and keep my head focused on the goal I think it’s going to be a good year.

I have been getting a few questions regarding whether or not I will do any events in Iceland this year, all I can say is that the car is still there but it needs some cosmetic repairs… after what happened two events back. So if I can find the budget to do one or two events who knows, I would really enjoy competing on some of the greatest stages in the world, and from what I’ve heard it should be a stiff competition as well.

Heres a picture from the last time I went shopping for new gear, looking forward to the next.

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