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Returning to the Welsh forests!

So now the unseeded entry list for the Cambrian rally is finally out and the keen eyed among you might have noticed that there is an Icelandic crew on the list.

Yes thats right, Im back! I’m going back to Llandudno to do the Cambrian in the Evo 10 that I just sealed my second consecutive Icelandic championship with. We are signed into the B13 class which contains a mind boggling 28 crews. We will have our work cut out for us if we want to be competitive, but I think we are in very good hands. I will be working with the guys at C1-R during the test and race which will be good since I have worked with them before, and have a good working relationship with them.

It will be nice to go back to the town that I stayed at when I was racing in Wales back in 2018 and get to see some of my friends that I met in Llandudno. Among the rallies I did back in 2018 was the Cambrian rally and I remember it being the toughest one of the three rallies I did back then. The tracks were very narrow and twisty compared to other stages I had done in the UK. I don’t remember the stages exactly but i am sure my previous experience in this event will be beneficial.

Ísak Guðjónsson will co-drive with me in this event, this time however, we will not be permitted to recce the stages before the event. That will probably hinder our performance quite a bit, we will both find it rather difficult to keep a good rhythm through the stage. Especially because we have had so much experience making our own notes together. This time we will get an onboard recce video of all the stages and ready made notes that we will have to modify to suit our specific style of pace notes.

This rally will be great I think, there are plenty of things I am somewhat experienced with and other things that I’m not so experienced with. I will be a big challenge but a great experience I am sure.

I will try my absolute best to bring you as many updates on this race, and the lead up to it as I can so make sure you are following me on instagram and facebook.

Llandudno, Here we come!

- Images are from Kristófer Björnsson (KrissiBjoss).


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