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Easter update

Back in late February I was getting ready to for a very busy weekend, helping Matt getting an R2 fiesta ready for two separate events in one weekend. We worked on the car through the week changing it from tarmac spec to gravel and everything was on track for the cars transportation on Friday.

But the weather wasn’t looking very good, we’d had some trouble with cold weather during testing before and the snow had just about melted right before we started the Cambrian rally but it only got worse from there.

Both rallies were cancelled along with the Borders rally so that meant that there was suddenly a 6 week gap in my calendar until the next rally. To save cost on accommodations and also because I wanted to see my family again I decided to go to Germany for a few weeks. Mostly I’ve spent my time babysitting my younger sisters but also renovating the downstairs bedroom and going for bike rides to keep my cardio in check. I did go to Belgium with my dad to watch the Spa rally and got to familiarize myself with the Belgian scenery and atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to get back to the UK and back in the car, I haven’t gotten any action in more than a month a part from a 10 min go-kart session, which is a than nothing to be fair.

I’m making my way back next weekend and straight on to prepping the car for the Rally Nuts stages rally on the 14th of April. It should make for a good pre BRC test, I’ve spoken to Matt and Chris about were I can improve on my driving and how to handle the car properly. Its going to be a busy month with the Pirelli rally on the 28th and I will do what ever it takes to improve the pace with every stage. Prepare for a lot of activity this month on my social media, it's gonna be pretty exciting.

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