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What a way to start the BRC

Midway trough the day, feeling good

As many of you might know, my co-driver George Gwynn and I finished the Pirelli international rally in second place in our class and subsequently put our selves into the runner up spot in the British championship. We managed to exceed expectations with this only being my third outing in the car and the first time making notes with George. There was much to take in during the event and I had to manage my speed and excitement, it was quite surprising when we got the first timing sheet after the first service and saw that a podium finish was well within our grasp. We had to increase our speed to take back 6 seconds to get into 3’rd place and a mechanical issue on one of our competitors car meant that we could end in second. For the rest of the event I took every stage the same way, keeping up speed but smoothing out the driving over all. Despite the fact that we set out to finish on the podium I was not too sure that we could make it but those fears were quickly put to rest and combining it with the fact that I didn’t loose my cool gives me great confidence going forward.

At service with C1-R Motorsport Services

After the race, the whole crew along with my family had dinner and celebrated the result. But a good result doesn’t guarantee that it will continue through the season so now we have to work harder than ever. The next event will be the infamous Ypres rally held on exclusively tarmac roads so I have a big and difficult learning curve ahead of me. Learning to drive in the new conditions wont be the only important thing however, because now I need to search for some financial support. My parents have been helping me for a long time now and I have always appreciated it greatly, but because I have always wanted to go all the way in the sport we knew that there would be a point that it would become to expensive for them to continue. It is a good sign that this point has come this early in my career at age 21, but it doesn’t change that fact that I now have to find increased support elsewhere . There are now just a few weeks until the rally in Belgium so all of my efforts will be put into this, it’s not guarantied that I will compete but tha's what makes it so exciting.

I remain as hopeful as ever that I can make it.

See you in Belgium!

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