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Entry withdrawn for the Ypres Rally.

It is now June 8th, the Ypres rally is in two weeks and I am announcing that, sadly, I will not be competing in this legendary rally. It pains me to announce this, especially after a brilliant result on the opening round but as the saying goes, Thats life. I was really looking forward to this rally and the necessary experience that it offers for me, Smooth tarmac roads thousands upon thousands of spectators and temperatures well above survivable for an Icelander. The truth about this sport however is that, as we all know it is not cheap and you need to have the business part of it down in order to take part in more races. I have searched out for support as much as I could have, but in this sport is never a guarantee and this time we were not able to continue our planned programme. I want to apologize to Matt because I don’t feel like I have been as strong as I could have outside the car. It has been a really enjoyable and fulfilling experience and I really hope that I can continue to work with him in the future, it is safe to say that I would not have gotten this far without his guidance.

There is still work to be done, I need to increase my speed of course but the more pressing issue right now is to train myself in other aspects than driving. I need to be able to sell my image and brand better as well as keeping up my physical health.

Despite having to withdraw my Ypres entry and effectively my charge for the BRC title we will still try to compete in the British round of the World Rally Championship, which will also be the final round of the British Rally Championship.

Until then, I’m not really sure what we want to do, I am certain that I want to drive as much as possible so even though I’m driving the ‘incorrect’ cars that are not comparable to the Fiesta R2 I will still be driving something, and at the end of the day it’s always going to have 4 wheels that are driven by an engine and directed with a steering wheel so it shouldn’t be too bad.

It is not confirmed yet what and or where I will drive during the summer but it looks like it will probably be in Iceland.

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